2020 GMC Canyon Denali In the GMC formation, Denali is the top dog. It is the trim with all the bells and whistles, and often offers

2020 GMC Canyon Denali

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In the GMC formation, Denali is the top dog. It is the trim with all the bells and whistles, and often offers an experience comparable to CADILLAC. Unfortunately that is not the case in the GMC Canyon denali, which we have recently Ridden. In the case of the canyon, the Denali trim is not worth the price bonus because it is not luxurious enough and does not differ from the intermediate SLT Trim.

2020 GMC Canyon Denali

While the exterior maintains the Denali look with a unique chrome grille, Chrome-door handles, 20-inch wheels, and large Denali badges (which a guy at a car wash immediately noticed when this editor drove by), the interior and feature set don't rise On the borderline Cadillac picture of Denali. All the GMC did to the already Drab, gray, plasticky interior of the gorge, there were black leather, some real aluminum trim, some fake wood trimming, and sewn Soft-touch finishes. The aluminum and leather are nice touches, but they don't look much different than the black and aluminum look plastic in lower trim models. The fake wood also looks really fake.

They are also exactly the same upgrades as what you will find in a SLT. But the SLT offers as an option a dark-brown color scheme that would help alleviate the dinginess, and the SLT, which is equipped just like a a-type denali, costs $2,690 less at $41,575. The same problem comes with Devices. The Denali has heated seats and steering wheel, navigation, automatic climate and navigation, but also the SLT.

The big problem with this is that Denali is supposed to specify the best, most luxurious vehicle that GMC has to offer, but there's not enough differentiation — or specialty, even — to separate it from a well-optionierten SLT. 

2020 GMC Canyon Denali

2020 GMC Canyon Denali

GMC has to give Denali a little More. It needs some real wood trim, or maybe some interior schemes with contrasting materials that you can't find in other Gorges. It should include some other special luxury features that cannot be added to lower trim GMCs such as a heads-up display, automatic wiper, button-keyless entry and start, such things.

The real reason to buy the Canyon Denali is really to get the prestige that the Denali badge brings with it, not the specific equipment it has — the Denali name finally has some Value. But if you can look past the badge and focus on practicability, the SLT is the runaway winner who offers exactly the same experience for a much lower price.
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